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Professional Virtual Assistant  support for your business in Essex and across the UK

Keen to Assist Ltd was established by Stacey Keen in 2021 with a specific goal in mind. To build a Virtual Assistance business that provides top-quality Virtual Executive Assistants (EAs) for start-ups, and small to medium-sized businesses across Essex and the UK.

Whilst running a business can involve various roles and different duties; one thing that remains a constant is the undertaking of administrative tasks to keep the cogs of a company turning. Stacey leads a dedicated team of professional and experienced VAs and as such, is able to take on a wide variety of administrative and managerial duties to keep your business moving whilst allowing you to concentrate on the tasks you do best, that you enjoy!

We understand that sometimes even the most thought-out strategic plan cannot foresee everything. If you are in sudden need of more support due to taking on new clients, have implemented a change of system or suffered a loss of a staff member – we’re here to provide you with the best Virtual Assistance – whether that’s short or long term.

Why you should choose a Virtual EA from Keen to Assist Ltd


Reclaim those lost hours of undertaking small tasks and let us do that for you. We understand that delegating can be difficult, and that is why we get to know you (and your business), before we undertake any work.


We can supply references from satisfied customers to demonstrate the breadth of our experience and the value that our services bring. We also have an accredited CPD from the Virtual Assistant Coaching and Training Company. We are comprehensively insured for your peace of mind.



The foundation of Keen to Assist has been built from a career spanning more than 20 years working in reception, administrative and management roles. This means that we’re able to navigate, understand and produce the work required for all types of projects, in all types of industries.


Hiring a Virtual EA can save you money. As self-employed personnel, you will have no need to pay our taxes, national insurance, holiday pay and sick pay. We offer affordable and flexible terms and packages that can be tailor made to suit your specific needs, or why not take a look at our pre-defined packages?

How a Virtual EA role can work for your business

The way in which we work is changing. Working from home has become the new norm and technological advances mean that all types of jobs can be undertaken from anywhere in the world. If you have a laptop and Wi-Fi, you can do business and that’s one of the reasons why Keen to Assist is growing and continuing to meet the demands of businesses, no matter the industry.

We work for clients across Essex and other parts of the UK in sectors that range from Remote Mechanics, Accountancy firm, Dr Lecturers, Consultancy businesses, and PR & Marketing agencies to name a few.

Is your business in need of help with a certain project? Looking for someone to undertake a specific task for the next 6 months? Look no further. Our dependable Virtual EAs are independent contractors that are self-employed, skilled, and ready to meet all your administrative requirements.

Get in touch today for your virtual Assistant needs

If you’re new to the world of hiring virtual assistance for your office needs, you’ll be in safe hands with Stacey and her team. Her warm welcome will reassure you that you are in safe and competent hands.

She has developed a system to ensure that relationship building starts from the beginning, emphasising getting clients comfortable and at ease. Call today to chat about hiring a virtual EA and how Keen to Assist can help.

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